How to create a timeless wardrobe: Natural fabrics

NATURAL FABRICS | They allow your skin to breathe and properly perform its function of eliminating toxins. They are more environmentally friendly than synthetics, which contain substances such as formaldehyde and petrochemicals. Fabric choice is especially important for your wardrobe as well!

INVEST IN QUALITY | Long-term, even though it may come at a higher price tag, is a better return on investment for your cost per wear than a garment that won’t go the distance.

Please stop and look inside your closet! How many clothes have you bought that you have never worn? Like never?
Yeap! Now check those garments that you love, those timeless pieces that you bring with you every season! Can you see the difference? Usually timeless pieces are made from fine natural fabrics, are those ones that you fell in love from the first glimpse!

We just choose to design these timeless garments that will follow you in your most amazing moments, creating memories with them! That day in Athens Anafiotika was full of our favourite pieces of The KNLs and we will always remember the smiles, the fun, the friendship!